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A/C Maintenance

​It’s not just about service…it’s about saving you money and extending the life of your air conditioning system.

With Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Agreement, you not only get priority service at a discount, but we will work hard to prevent untimely breakdowns from happening in the first place, saving you money in the process.

Get the benefits of prevention with the service you expect from Dale’s A/C Maintenance agreements.

We’ll be on time and in a clean uniform! Plus, we’ll cover our shoes before we enter, lay down work mats to keep our work areas clean and tidy up when we’re done.

4 Facts About A/C Maintenance

  1. There is no need to change of replace the refrigerant in you A/C system. If you are regularly adding refrigerant to you system, you have a leak. That costs you!
  2. A 10% undercharge in refrigerant can cause a 20% increase in operating costs.
  3. Dirty coils and blower wheels can cause up to a 45% increase in the cost of operating your A/C system.
  4. 80% of compressor failures could have been avoided if proper maintenance had been performed.

​A/C Replacement & Installation

​By providing the most reliable and trustworthy installation and service in Charlotte and Desoto County, Dale’s Air Conditioning & Heating has established themselves as a leader in the Southwest Florida air conditioning marketplace. We pay attention to every detail, from prompt and professional installation services and repair , Dale’s Air Conditioning is the company you can trust in your home.

Replacing your central air conditioning system doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We are a top rated a/c company offering the right air conditioner based on your needs. We carry air conditioners from Bosch, Nordyne, Amana and Goodman.​

Our friendly sales staff will come to your home sit with you and ensure you get the absolutely right a/c system for your home and cooling needs. Then once you’ve decided on your new a/c system, we’ll send our factory-trained technicians to come and install your a/c with no headaches and worries. We are your a/c company for today and twenty years from now.

​What Size Do You Need?

​Just because 14 SEER is good, it does not mean 18 SEER is better. An a/c system that is too large will cool off your house more quickly but it won’t necessarily remove humidity – which is one of your AC’s most important jobs. An oversized system will cycle on and off more rapidly and eventually shorten the life of the motor. And you will pay a higher price for a higher-powered a/c system – not a good investment!​

As a reputable AC installation company, we don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money, so we will take the time to explain the different a/c brands and sizes that will fit within your budget and meet your goals.

A/C Repair

​Everybody wants to come home to a cool, comfortable home. If your home cooling system should break down or begins to malfunction, it is important to have a company you can trust to perform the cooling repair services you need quickly, reliably and affordable. When you need cooling repairs, call Dales Air Conditioning and Heating!

For a professional diagnosis, contact Dales Air Conditioning. Our certified technicians will provide expert air conditioning service and advice, from total system design to unit replacement.

​Here at Dales Air Conditioning we are experts with experience on all models of cooling systems. When your cooling system breaks down you’ll appreciate the helpful and friendly staff at Dales Air Conditioning. Our technicians are highly trained craftsmen that will take care of any situation.

Checklist to help determine if it’s time to replace your air conditioner or heat pump

Warranty: Consult the Terms and Conditions of your equipment warranty before making repair or replacement decisions. Generally, replacement parts fall under the original warranty, so they are only warranted as long as your original warranty is in effect. Repair labor is often not covered by your warranty.

Equipment Age: How well your equipment ages depends on how well you maintain it and the operating demands you place on it. In general, if your A/C or heat pump is over 8- to 10-years old, it’s best to replace.

Moving or Staying: If you plan to move in the near future, repair is often the best choice. However, if you plan on staying in your home, it’s wise to invest in an energy efficient A/C -heat pump system that has the capacity to cool your home efficiently and cost effectively.

How Well Is Your Existing Equipment Working: Are your electric bills too high? Does your system keep your home cool enough?

Repair Cost: You might think a few A/C parts or a new A/C compressor will do the trick, but if the cost of repair is approximately 30 to 50 percent of the estimated cost of a new unit, replacement probably makes sense. Also, if your equipment has been prone to problems or you have reason to expect problems, replacement may be in order. Also, new equipment is likely to be a better bet if you own R22 equipment, which is being phased out.


What our clients say

Check out what our customers are saying about our heating & air conditioning services.

"​Dales installed a New Air Conditioner and Ductwork. They were very cooperative in scheduling work; prompt; polite workers; removed old equipment and ducts and installed new in 2 days. We were very please with the products and service."

Bruce M.

“Dales has installed and serviced our air conditioning units for several years. We have always been pleased. Highly recommend them. They are timely and immediate to service.”

Ed & Honore Jones

"​Dales did an inspection of my air handler. They offered me a reasonable price for a new system, could install it all this week. On time, worked very professional, never felt they rushed, took the time to install correctly, took pride in their work."

Karen S.

"​I used Dales for my A/C check up. The check up was completed in a timely manner. The representatives were very professional."

Jerome M.

"​I Upgraded a blocked drain for air flow unit. They Came back to do a complete service check on air conditioning units. Was extremely responsive and reasonably priced. Was also informative about operation of units."

Karen W.

"A/C Check up, filter replacement. Your A/C tech was on time very knowledgeable & when i asked if it was time for a new unit. He said I could wait a few more years."

Mark K.

"​I appreciate the quality of work performed by your employees and service techs. They were very helpful in determining what was needed to correct my air conditioning problem."

F. Lalli

"The install team led by Miguel were very efficient and easy to work with. They did a great job and cleaned up completely when they were finished. Even, John, the owner stopped by and I got to meet him too."

Jane M.

"Jamie from Dale's AC was incredibly responsive when we had our air conditioning system shut down on the hottest day of the year.  He arrived within 1 hour of our call and had our system up and running in less than an hour.

Don K.

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